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4 Holiday Corporate Gifting Trends from 2021

Posted by Box of Zeal on

It's sweater weather and Q4 has arrived which means the start of the corporate holiday gifting season! Here at Box of Zeal we’re already designing holiday corporate gift campaigns for some amazing clients, as companies increasingly invest in keeping their workforce engaged. 

A recent gifting study cited by Forbes says more than 80% of corporations surveyed say gifts have improved relationships with employees and/or clients. Learn more about working with the Box of Zeal Corporate Gifting team for custom-sourced and branded gifts for your team this holiday season.

Our Corporate Gifting team has put together the following list of top four trends for corporate gifting we saw last season to inspire your gifting choice this year: 

Trend #1: Wellness
Our #1 gifting trend above all else are wellness gifts. Starting our business in the midst of a pandemic, wellness was top of mind for most people and we haven't seen a slowdown in this trend. During the holiday season and throughout the year our Wellness gift box along with our seasonal holiday wellness gift set is the #1 best selling gift. Beyond that many of our customers chose those gifts as a base and tweaked it a bit to fit their gifting style and budget for the year by adding customized items, swapping gifts, and more. 


Trend #2: The smells and tastes of the season
We saw many companies adding the smells and tastes that are known during the holiday season to their gifts. Peppermint, hot cocoa, and spiced tea dominated the taste trend. While sweet peppermint and cinnamon dominated the smell trend. Our top gifts in this trend were Classic hot cocoa, Mexican hot chocolate popcorn, hot coco sticks, peppermint pretzels, and Holiday tea by Harney and sons. 



Trend #3: Personalized appreciation
Many of our clients chose to personalized gifts with their gift recipient (employees, donors, clients, etc.) initials, team logo or slogan, or a special message of appreciation. Some of our favorite personalizations from last year was an initial and name mug with a poinsettia accent; a mug that said "working with you is a gift" and an mug that said "Ubuntu - I am because we are" mug which was the slogan for a team. 


Trend #4: Rest & Recharge Gifts
The end of the year is a good time to sit back and relax away from work with family. Burnout is a real thing and taking a moment for yourself is a great way to recharge. 80% of Americans surveyed say they intend to regularly practice self-care after COVID-19 pandemic, as they have put various self care practices in place while on lockdown. Putting together a custom kit centered in self care has been one of our most popular custom offerings for the upcoming holiday gifting season. Our self care box along with self care items like a "Happiness Hacks" book, stress fighter shower steamer, and more were hits last year. 

However you choose to gift this season, we encourage you to start planning early and cross it off your list. At Box of Zeal, our Corporate Gifting team works with you based on your budget, brand and goals. Our buyers can source almost anything and our creative team will design and brand the perfect curated gift box for your needs.

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