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Why Is Client Appreciation So Important?

Posted by Box of Zeal on

Customers and clients are all part of the heartbeat of any industry. How you handle this element will determine if your company flat lines and if your customer base dies out. The "defibrillator" in this scenario is what we call customer appreciation. This universal truth among businesses is that client appreciation is vital to a company's profile. With the level of significance that customer retention plays in a business, let us look at why client appreciation and client gifting are so important.

Customer Appreciation can Measure a Business's Outward Efforts for its Customer Base.

Your reputation is a notably essential aspect of your brand. In the business world, Your reputation always precedes you. How you treat your customers or clients affects both current and potential clients. Client gifting as it relates to client appreciation shows that you are making an effort to engage with your clients and customers. 

Client Gifting Encourages Your Clients to Come Back

Clients care about how well they are taken care of. Clients and customers are more likely to build a purposeful, long-lasting relationship with a brand or business that shows them they care about them beyond financial transactions. Looking into sending gift boxes for clients is one particular way to encourage clients to come back and form lasting relationships.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Studies have proven that clients are more devoted to a brand or company that appreciates its customers and has invested in its clients' appreciation. Loyal clients spend 90 percent more often at your business and a whopping 60 percent more with each purchase. The perfect way to turn a new client into a loyal one is by investing in a client appreciation initiative for your business. Think of thoughtful and useful gift boxes for clients.

Customer Appreciation Results in Happy Customers

Simple and self-explanatory, right? Imagine a happy client discussing your brand, product, or service. Online reviews or word of mouth will significantly benefit your business. These reviews are essentially free marketing for your company. Your investment into your clients pays off when clients share positive reviews with potential new clients.

How to show Client Appreciation: Client Gift Ideas

It takes attentive care to nurture business relationships and relationships with clientele. There are many different ways to show clients your appreciation and many different reasons you look into client gift ideas. For example, you may want to give clients gifts as a thank you or if a Congratulations is in order like an anniversary or promotion. In addition, realtors may like to gift their clients a "welcome home" gift box, or your company may want to gift Holiday gift boxes for clients.

Here Are A Few Client Gift Ideas To Express Customer Appreciation. 

Being able to say thank you to your clients is very powerful in business. It can help improve the working relationship between you and your clients, as well as increase retention and loyalty.

One of the most important factors businesses consider to enhance client retention is the cost of doing business. It is estimated that bringing on a new client can cost them up to 25 times more than retaining an existing one. In financial services, increasing retention rates can boost profits by up to 95%.

(Client Retention Source: Bain & Company, Inc)

One of the most important factors that businesses consider when it comes to enhancing their client retention is the ability to show appreciation. This can be done by taking action to improve the quality of their service.

Harnessing the power of "thank you."

Although client appreciation can be beneficial to your business, it's also important to remember that saying thank you to your clients is only as powerful as you are willing to acknowledge them.

As you express your appreciation, remember to:

Be precise: Although some people argue that giving vague "thank yous" is preferable to expressing no gratitude at all, it's always a good idea to be precise about what you're appreciating your client for.
Be consistent: Using Thanksgiving to express thankfulness is simple, but don't save your appreciation for particular dates or holidays. Instead, make it a regular part of your business engagement.
Enjoy expressing gratitude: Your gratitude won't be perceived as sincere if you approach saying "thank you" as a chore or something you do merely out of politeness.


Gift Boxes For Clients To Say "Thank You"

If the "thank you" hidden beneath the gift is not sincere, sending it is just a hollow gesture. Gifts, however, have been shown to be the opposite. In fact, a 2013 study by Citrus and Directivity found that 67% of those surveyed believed surprise gifts are highly significant for loyalty programs, making them a key component of effective customer loyalty.

At Box of Zeal, we work with our clients to curate client gift ideas that are personal, thoughtful, and specific to their occasions and their clients.

We have helped realtors design a one-of-a-kind "Welcome Home" gift box for their clients, such as personalized candles, mugs, and tea towels with the client's name etched on them. 

We collaborate with a financial client to perform continuous on-demand gifting. They visit a private gifting portal where they may buy weekly gifts for milestones and special occasions in the lives of their clients, such as retirement, referral (thank you), get well soon, sympathy gifts, and more.

Box of Zeal Gift Boxes For Clients

A business can make customer and client appreciation an easy and impactful investment to ensure client retention, success, customer loyalty, and growth. Show your client and potential consumers how much your company cares!

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