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Curated Gifts Under $50

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The heat is rising, and vacations are winding down as summer is coming to an end. But the world must go on. Celebrations are still on the rise as America tries to recover after the pandemic shock crippled our social lives for so long.

Unfortunately, with how things are going now, in-person celebrations are yet to return to how they were. We at Box of zeal help close that barrier and make altogether gifting easier. Our ready Ready-to-Ship Curated Gift Boxes are perfect for any occasion. Even if you don’t see the gift box you are looking for, you can build your own in our Build-a-Box section, which allows you to choose every item, to tailor this gift specifically for your intended giftee. 

Show your gratitude for your employees, recognition of your staff during peak hours pushing through a tough quarter, or closing on a huge deal by surprising them with a specially curated gift box—a part of forming and reinforcing healthy, pleasant company culture. A beneficial side effect of using Box of Zeal is increased retention and employee satisfaction. 

Put a smile on the faces of friends, family, or staff with something that will acknowledge their hard work to keep your business running smoothly. Thoughtful work perks boost morale, and personalized curate gift boxes are now a no-brainer! 

How To Make Your Own Gift Boxes

When making your own curated gift box, there are a few things worth keeping in mind. 


Give your giftee an opportunity to relax, relieve stress, and benefit from great weather. Choose something that encourages an outdoor picnic brunch or a backyard movie night. Show your family, friends, or staff you value the time it takes them to recharge. They will certainly appreciate it.


Share joy and celebration with a fun curated gift box to recognize friends, family, or staff, and give them something exciting to look forward to, like a bonding game night with the family or fun-filled trivia and treats for summer road trips. These gifts are perfect for parents who want to spend more time with their kids over the summer holidays, providing hours of entertainment and fond memories for all!


Try a seasonally curated gift box which is excellent for summer interns or welcoming new associates to the team. Welcome them with brandable accessories like pens or a personalized notebook set. They will remember your kind gesture each time they jot down an idea. A tea or coffee gift box is also a great idea for gifting. Or a tasty treat gift box that will provide instant delight. 


Put a huge smile on the faces of your family, friends, or team with a scrumptious thoughtful snack-filled curated box. A great idea would be making snack-filled curated gift boxes a regular event like a “Tacos Tuesday” kind of thing. Box of zeal ready-to-ship curated boxes is also great as random morale-boosting surprises for staff. You are bringing a taste of relaxation into the office with charming treats everyone can enjoy.

Recognizing friends, family, or staff who have dietary restrictions? Our curated gifts under $50 hold well-priced gift sets that are perfect for any budget and can appeal to everyone. 

Get started on a budget-friendly employee gifting solution that highlights your company's exceptional values and charms your friends, family, or staff year-round.  

Surprising Them With A Thoughtful Gift Doesn’t Have To Cost You A Fortune! 

With holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and other types of celebratory moments with friends, family, and coworkers, it's easy for your gifting list to fill up quickly. But we've done the hard work for you!

Here is a list of 5 affordable gifts for $50 or less to suit various tastes and interests. While still being unique and personal. 

Mom Box - $50

Happy Birthday to Her - $50

An IPA Work Anniversary - $30

Movie Night - $40

Father - Man of God - $40


Find our other gift offerings - pre-curated in our Ready to Ship section or to build your own in our Build-a-BoxOur catalog of products that are customizable that may be boxed in gift packaging and delivered as corporate gifts in just a few clicks.

Box Of Zeal: Your Personal Touch

Here at Box Of Zeal, we offer ready-to-ship boxes and customizable gift boxes that are ideal for any gifting theme and budget, assembled in a gorgeous gift box and wrapped with a satin ribbon.

Add your logo or personal message to the desired curated gift box. We complete customizations in-house, leaving you with quick turnaround times. 

We'd love to help you find the best corporate gifts for clients! So email us at, and we'll create the perfect curated gift box!

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