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5 Best Admin Appreciation Gift Ideas For Under $50

Posted by Box of Zeal on

Appreciate the hard work of administrative staff in your organization? These thoughtful and affordable admin appreciation gifts are sure to make them smile!
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4 Holiday Corporate Gifting Trends from 2021

Posted by Box of Zeal on

It's sweater weather and Q4 has arrived which means the start of the corporate holiday gifting season! Here at Box of Zeal we’re already designing holiday corporate gift campaigns for some amazing clients, as companies increasingly invest in keeping their workforce engaged. 

A recent gifting study cited by Forbes says more than 80% of corporations surveyed say gifts have improved relationships with employees and/or clients. Learn more about working with the Box of Zeal Corporate Gifting team for custom-sourced and branded gifts for your team this holiday season.

Our Corporate Gifting team has put together the following list of top four trends for corporate gifting we saw last season to inspire your gifting choice this year: 

Trend #1: Wellness
Our #1 gifting trend above all else are wellness gifts. Starting our business in the midst of a pandemic, wellness was top of mind for most people and we haven't seen a slowdown in this trend. During the holiday season and throughout the year our Wellness gift box along with our seasonal holiday wellness gift set is the #1 best selling gift. Beyond that many of our customers chose those gifts as a base and tweaked it a bit to fit their gifting style and budget for the year by adding customized items, swapping gifts, and more. 


Trend #2: The smells and tastes of the season
We saw many companies adding the smells and tastes that are known during the holiday season to their gifts. Peppermint, hot cocoa, and spiced tea dominated the taste trend. While sweet peppermint and cinnamon dominated the smell trend. Our top gifts in this trend were Classic hot cocoa, Mexican hot chocolate popcorn, hot coco sticks, peppermint pretzels, and Holiday tea by Harney and sons. 



Trend #3: Personalized appreciation
Many of our clients chose to personalized gifts with their gift recipient (employees, donors, clients, etc.) initials, team logo or slogan, or a special message of appreciation. Some of our favorite personalizations from last year was an initial and name mug with a poinsettia accent; a mug that said "working with you is a gift" and an mug that said "Ubuntu - I am because we are" mug which was the slogan for a team. 


Trend #4: Rest & Recharge Gifts
The end of the year is a good time to sit back and relax away from work with family. Burnout is a real thing and taking a moment for yourself is a great way to recharge. 80% of Americans surveyed say they intend to regularly practice self-care after COVID-19 pandemic, as they have put various self care practices in place while on lockdown. Putting together a custom kit centered in self care has been one of our most popular custom offerings for the upcoming holiday gifting season. Our self care box along with self care items like a "Happiness Hacks" book, stress fighter shower steamer, and more were hits last year. 

However you choose to gift this season, we encourage you to start planning early and cross it off your list. At Box of Zeal, our Corporate Gifting team works with you based on your budget, brand and goals. Our buyers can source almost anything and our creative team will design and brand the perfect curated gift box for your needs.

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Why Is Client Appreciation So Important?

Posted by Box of Zeal on

Customers and clients are all part of the heartbeat of any industry. How you handle this element will determine if your company flat lines and if your customer base dies out. The "defibrillator" in this scenario is what we call customer appreciation. This universal truth among businesses is that client appreciation is vital to a company's profile. With the level of significance that customer retention plays in a business, let us look at why client appreciation and client gifting are so important.

Customer Appreciation can Measure a Business's Outward Efforts for its Customer Base.

Your reputation is a notably essential aspect of your brand. In the business world, Your reputation always precedes you. How you treat your customers or clients affects both current and potential clients. Client gifting as it relates to client appreciation shows that you are making an effort to engage with your clients and customers. 

Client Gifting Encourages Your Clients to Come Back

Clients care about how well they are taken care of. Clients and customers are more likely to build a purposeful, long-lasting relationship with a brand or business that shows them they care about them beyond financial transactions. Looking into sending gift boxes for clients is one particular way to encourage clients to come back and form lasting relationships.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Studies have proven that clients are more devoted to a brand or company that appreciates its customers and has invested in its clients' appreciation. Loyal clients spend 90 percent more often at your business and a whopping 60 percent more with each purchase. The perfect way to turn a new client into a loyal one is by investing in a client appreciation initiative for your business. Think of thoughtful and useful gift boxes for clients.

Customer Appreciation Results in Happy Customers

Simple and self-explanatory, right? Imagine a happy client discussing your brand, product, or service. Online reviews or word of mouth will significantly benefit your business. These reviews are essentially free marketing for your company. Your investment into your clients pays off when clients share positive reviews with potential new clients.

How to show Client Appreciation: Client Gift Ideas

It takes attentive care to nurture business relationships and relationships with clientele. There are many different ways to show clients your appreciation and many different reasons you look into client gift ideas. For example, you may want to give clients gifts as a thank you or if a Congratulations is in order like an anniversary or promotion. In addition, realtors may like to gift their clients a "welcome home" gift box, or your company may want to gift Holiday gift boxes for clients.

Here Are A Few Client Gift Ideas To Express Customer Appreciation. 

Being able to say thank you to your clients is very powerful in business. It can help improve the working relationship between you and your clients, as well as increase retention and loyalty.

One of the most important factors businesses consider to enhance client retention is the cost of doing business. It is estimated that bringing on a new client can cost them up to 25 times more than retaining an existing one. In financial services, increasing retention rates can boost profits by up to 95%.

(Client Retention Source: Bain & Company, Inc)

One of the most important factors that businesses consider when it comes to enhancing their client retention is the ability to show appreciation. This can be done by taking action to improve the quality of their service.

Harnessing the power of "thank you."

Although client appreciation can be beneficial to your business, it's also important to remember that saying thank you to your clients is only as powerful as you are willing to acknowledge them.

As you express your appreciation, remember to:

Be precise: Although some people argue that giving vague "thank yous" is preferable to expressing no gratitude at all, it's always a good idea to be precise about what you're appreciating your client for.
Be consistent: Using Thanksgiving to express thankfulness is simple, but don't save your appreciation for particular dates or holidays. Instead, make it a regular part of your business engagement.
Enjoy expressing gratitude: Your gratitude won't be perceived as sincere if you approach saying "thank you" as a chore or something you do merely out of politeness.


Gift Boxes For Clients To Say "Thank You"

If the "thank you" hidden beneath the gift is not sincere, sending it is just a hollow gesture. Gifts, however, have been shown to be the opposite. In fact, a 2013 study by Citrus and Directivity found that 67% of those surveyed believed surprise gifts are highly significant for loyalty programs, making them a key component of effective customer loyalty.

At Box of Zeal, we work with our clients to curate client gift ideas that are personal, thoughtful, and specific to their occasions and their clients.

We have helped realtors design a one-of-a-kind "Welcome Home" gift box for their clients, such as personalized candles, mugs, and tea towels with the client's name etched on them. 

We collaborate with a financial client to perform continuous on-demand gifting. They visit a private gifting portal where they may buy weekly gifts for milestones and special occasions in the lives of their clients, such as retirement, referral (thank you), get well soon, sympathy gifts, and more.

Box of Zeal Gift Boxes For Clients

A business can make customer and client appreciation an easy and impactful investment to ensure client retention, success, customer loyalty, and growth. Show your client and potential consumers how much your company cares!

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Corporate Gifts for Employees: Why Is It Important?

Posted by Box of Zeal on

Any gift you offer to a professional contact, such as a potential or new business partner, a supplier, a team member, or an employee, is considered a corporate gift. Finding the ideal corporate gift might be difficult, but it can help your company's brand and engagement. Investigating corporate gift ideas could be beneficial if you want to strengthen your relationships with employees or business partners. Then, create your own gift with custom gift packaging and send the perfect gift!

Developing branding initiatives is easy with a corporate gift. Custom gift basket shops offer services that make corporate gifting easy. In addition, brand-embossed gifts for staff and employees are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. A branded corporate gift serves as a powerful marketing tool in addition to expressing your gratitude to individuals who support your company's success.

Gifts are thoughtful acts, both for the giver and the recipient. But frequently, businesses fail to recognize people who support their success. Making your partners, employees, and clients feel special can largely be accomplished by giving them a thoughtful present. However, it always helps to demonstrate that you are prepared to go above and beyond to keep them pleased if you want to enhance employee engagement and retention.

What Is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is the practice of delivering presents to clients, prospects, or workers by a corporate organization in order to forge a closer bond between them. They could be internal or external gifts, physical or intangible.

Even though the gifting process is the same, purchasing a corporate gift differs slightly from buying a Christmas present for your pals. Instead, it adheres to a certain code of business etiquette. Corporate Gift buying can be challenging. Even when it involves someone you are well familiar with. Using a custom gift shop such as Box of Zeal makes this part of gifting steamline and affordable.

Benefits of Corporate Gifts for Employees 

Corporate gifting is an excellent way to boost employee, and partner engagement. Giving gifts on significant occasions is a great corporate gifting strategy. As mentioned, sending gifts over the holidays and the new year is always a good idea. Employees will feel valued and remembered because it is common to exchange gifts, not just when it is obvious.

Other benefits of corporate gifts for employees:

It promotes brand recognition.

Brand-embossed gifts for staff and employees are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. A branded present can also be a successful marketing tactic.

Enhances Employee Relationships In Company

Keeping an existing employee can be more difficult in a firm than acquiring a new one. To strengthen staff relationships, you can offer quality goods and services, run sales and promotions, and set reasonable prices. Consider, however, also including a gift in the mix. Your employees will feel valued and connected as a result of this.

Let them know you are grateful for their loyalty to your brand. You can take the extra mile and create your own gift and send personalized gifts on special days like the clients' birthdays and anniversaries. 

Corporate Gifts for Employees Motivate Your Staff

Corporate gifts are given to employees as well as to clients. The employees of a company are, without a doubt, its most precious asset. They keep the business operating. As a result, they need to be valued and made to feel that way. Add a straightforward, sincere present to show your appreciation for your staff members. They will feel valued as a result, which will impact productivity levels.

When to send Corporate Gifts for Employees 

In the business world, corporate gifting is a prevalent practice. It is how you convey value for their time, presence, and commitment to your internal and external stakeholders.

Businesses present gifts to their staff during the holiday season and on significant occasions. For example, companies treat their staff members, especially during Christmas and New Year's holidays. As a gesture of thanks, some businesses have gone above and beyond and are offering gifts to staff on their birthdays and other occasions.

On certain occasions and during holidays, businesses throw out gifts as incentives. More companies are choosing to send gifts to their cherished clients on their birthdays and anniversaries. Employees feel cherished and appreciated because of this personalized touch in gifts. Some businesses have adopted a more inclusive strategy, giving gifts on occasions like International Women's Day to both the women on their client list and their staff. Adding a human touch while making your company appear compassionate and welcoming.

Create your own gift and Give especially curated gifts to loved ones on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries. It adds a special touch. Introducing new employees with a gift is also a fantastic idea and will ensure seamless integration and set the tone for the entire working relationship.

Corporate Gifting Elevates Your Business

Corporate gifts have many advantages for your company. You should start now if you haven't considered giving your staff and clients gifts. Corporate gifts can be the secret to a successful and fruitful business partnership.

Give your staff a thoughtful present to show them that you appreciate and are grateful for them.

Create Your Own Gift With Box Of Zeal Build A Box Feature

Create your own gift by building a variety of different gift boxes, great for numerous other occasions. Our budget-friendly product options are perfect for mix matching through our Build A Box feature. Box Of Zeal offers over 100 gifts, always available in stock. There are tons of possible combinations. Endless unique corporate gifting possibilities. 

Custom Gift Basket Shop: Box Of Zeal 

Box of Zeal offers both corporate and business gifting. Our streamlined process makes Corporate gifting is easy, and customizable. We understand that corporate or business gifts are beneficial and create a harmonious work culture. Please create your own gift basket by visiting our custom gift basket shop. You can choose from a selection of specially curated gifts in our online catalog. We make it easy to build a fully customized gift for your employee, even down to custom gift packaging. Put together the perfect custom holiday gift boxes by picking from our Holiday Lookbook our reaching out through our "add your own logo" program.

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The Importance Of Corporate Gifting During The Holidays

Posted by Box of Zeal on

With the holiday season around the corner, the season for gifting is too! Gifts can be given all year round. Holiday corporate gifts for staff, clients, or donors, re-affirms and reinforces positive connections between the giftee and your brand. Holiday gift boxes for clients connect the giver and recipient and their unique relationship.

Whether the giftee is an Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, CEO, Marketer, Realtor, etc., Receiving a thoughtful gift nurtures social bonds and encourages generosity. Corporate gifting companies understand the importance of making a great impression.

Holiday corporate gifts should evoke excitement or sentiment. They should bring joy and encourage loyalty. You'll achieve the perfect corporate gift-giving goal by choosing to be intentional about the gifts, messaging, and packaging.

The Importance Of Holiday Gift Boxes For Clients

Some companies gift their clients or employees as a way to show grateful appreciation for their business, donations, or contributions to the company. However, your staff is the fuel of your company. Your business, organization, or firm couldn't design its products, sell its services, gain new clientele, or achieve any of your company's goals without a concrete team managing the show behind the scenes. 

Corporate gifting companies master the idea of showing employees or staff that they are valued. Typically, you can still feature your branding in a tasteful way. Your clients or employees will be impressed by the extra effort and enjoy the gift well beyond the holidays!

Benefits Of Holiday Gifting for employees


Giving corporate holiday gifts can motivate or even incentivize staff and employees to grind harder for the company. They will be inspired by their custom gift box.


Holiday gift boxes for employees can cause boost productiveness. Improving the mood of someone increases their output.


Holiday gift boxes for employees have also been shown to increase morale and enhance the overall working atmosphere. 

Corporate Gifting Companies: Elevate Your Gifting Strategy

Your personnel put in a tremendous amount of hard work year-round and still meet the company's goals. Likewise, your staff, donors, clientele, or investors all provide some sort of benefit to your organization. This alone deserves a celebration. The holiday season offers your company or brand the opportune time to applaud everyone's achievements. Furthermore, a sensibly planned Holiday Gifting Strategy for employees, donors, and clients are important as we shift into a New Year.

Plan and gear up for gifting this holiday By planning holiday gift boxes for employees, clients, and investors. The best time to prepare is in advance! Aim for before the mid-December rush. This will eliminate the element of stress.

Business firms, Realtors, Marketers, and CEOs can all design unique corporate gifts, Christmas gifts, or holiday gift boxes for clients. In addition, holiday gift boxes for employees or potential customers are customarily given on holidays. These custom gift boxes usually include swag baskets, coffee, chocolates, candles, customized mugs, pens, treats, etc.

Consider The Presentation Of Your Corporate Gift.

A gift should look like a gift. Use a gifting service that offers special gift boxes and customizable gifts. Your gift should look appealing and charming. Holiday gift boxes for clients can be fun, thoughtful, and delicious. Aim to impress potential clients and staff by sending a personalized message with your holiday gift box for your giftee. This allows your gift to become even more personal and feel more genuine.

Corporate gifting companies also provide gifts during corporate events, celebrations, and anniversaries. Corporate holiday gifts are important as gifts help to increase brand recognition. Custom gift boxes are great for onboarding new employees, retaining clientele, thanking potential customers, and generating a positive awareness of the company. 

Custom Gift Boxes For Business: Box Of Zeal 

Box of Zeal offers both corporate and business gifting. Our streamlined process makes

Corporate gifting is easy, affordable, and customizable. We understand that corporate or business gifts are beneficial and create a harmonious work culture. You can choose from a selection of specially curated gifts in our online catalog. We make it easy to choose a fully customized gift. Put together the perfect custom holiday gift boxes by picking from our Holiday Lookbook our reaching out through our "add your own logo" program.

Let us help you find fun, thought-out, and unforgettable gifting options perfect for your company's needs. We'd love to help you find the best corporate gifts for clients! So email us at, and we'll help create the perfect corporate gift box!

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